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September 02, 2014

Contact numbers

Health & Wellness Center

Front Desk/Appointments: 561-969-6663

Pharmacy: 561-337-3353

Clinic/Medical Records Fax: 561-721-3106

List of Available Medications from Wellness Center

Ask for


When having blood drawn at the doctors office


To Locate a Provider

Click Here

It’s your responsibility to inform your doctor!!!

It’s not just for employees!

All participants of the PBC FF’s Employee Benefits Fund are eligible to use the EAP network of over 20 local providers.  Wide variety of counseling services are available, and the best part…………

It’s absolutely free and

100% confidential

Call Ellen Flaum, Administrator of the EAP @ 561-968-1505 to get started today, or call the Fund office to get a list of providers in our EAP network.


Cord Blood (Stem Cell)


Adult Stem Cell

Benefit Fund News



Health & Wellness Center Hours


Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm

*Saturday 9am - 5pm


*Saturday hours reserved for non-firefighter physicals,

Primary Care and Urgent Care visits.

Closed 3pm-6pm 1st Wednesday of each month for training



Filling Prescriptions at the Firefighters

Health & Wellness Center

The response to having prescriptions filled at the Health & Wellness Centers Pharmacy has been fantastic and we have been filling several hundred prescriptions a month.  We have also added several new medications available from the pharmacy, and a new list of medications is available on the web-site and through the link provided in this email.  Filling prescriptions here gives the Fund an opportunity to save several hundred thousand dollars a year, in addition to you saving on co-pays. Saving money on prescriptions will assist us in keeping insurance costs down and, in turn, keep premiums reasonable in an otherwise out of control medical market.

Since each prescription needs to be written by one of the clinics providers, when refills are not available, they are asking that you please give them ample time to accomplish the task.  When you have refills available on your medication then of course the process is easier and can usually be accomplished and be ready for pick-up or to be mailed within 24 hours.  When the provider needs to write a new prescription, the process can take up to 96 hours since not all providers are on duty every day, in addition to the fact that they are quite busy during the hours that the clinic is open to see patients, in some instances repeat of blood work or other labs may be necessary to make sure the medication continues to be correct.

We strongly encourage you to not wait until you’ve taken your last dose of a medication to get the refill process started. 

We try to dispense most maintenance type medications to give you a minimum of a 90 day supply and would recommend you starting the refill process no later than 2 weeks before you run out, it will be less stress on you, and us, to have your new supply in hand well before you run out.  Additionally, if any blood test or other tests are needed prior to your refill it will give everyone ample time to complete the tests before medications run out.

We encourage you to inform us of medications you are taking that we do not have on our list; this can be done by emailing Chrystal at  As a reminder, while we try to stock all generics that our participants are taking, brand medications generally produce no saving for the Fund and therefore are not regularly stocked; also we do not carry any scheduled drugs.  We also carry breast milk pumps, nebulizers, glucometers and testing supplies in our pharmacy.

Thank you again for all of your support of the Health & Wellness Center, we continue to be excited to offer you a better medical experience and hope that in most cases it is exactly what we are accomplishing.

Link to pharmacy medication list



Disaster Averted

Tenet Hospitals and Physicians

Sign Contract with United Health Care


 As expected, Tenet Hospitals and Physician Services reached an agreement with United Health Care to remain in network.  The new contract is for 3 years and is effective August 1, 2014.  We were watching developments with this particular contract because of how many hospitals it affected in our local area, including both trauma centers. 

Tenet officials toured your Health & Wellness Center last Tuesday and met with Administrative Manager, Mike Sedgwick, in preparation to negotiate a direct contract with the Fund for exclusive discounts for our group should the need arise.  Tenet remains committed to the firefighters and their families as thanks for all you do for their family.




Health & Wellness Coordinator


The Board of Trustees of the Employee Benefits Fund is proud to introduce the newest member of the Health & Wellness Center staff. Melissa Drappi, RN.  Melissa will fill the role of Health & Wellness Coordinator and will be working with patients one on one to help manage long term chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, and depression just to name a few.  Melissa will also be available to assist with other health issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation and maternity management.

We are very excited to finally be able to offer these services in house and give you the opportunity to sit face to face with such a knowledgeable individual such as Melissa who has many years experience in helping patients manage their health issues.

We encourage you to reach out to Melissa and schedule a time to sit with her and go over your particular situation, she is available Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm and can be reach through the main number 561-969-6663.

Melissa is a University of Delaware alumna, and brings a wealth of experience to the Palm Beach County Fire Fighters Health & Wellness Center.  With 10 years of clinical nursing experience her professional career has included staff nurse positions in Labor & Delivery, Operating Room & Behavioral Health Units followed by school health.  Most Recently, Melissa worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator for a major pharmaceutical company.  Education of patients, families and other health care professionals has been a constant thread throughout her career.  As the Health & Wellness Coordinator Melissa will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a personal health coach and create an individualized action plan.  Whether you want to manage stress, lose weight, improve fitness and nutrition or quit smoking she will provide you with the information and encouragement you are looking for. The coaching sessions are flexible for your busy schedule and are conducted onsite, via the telephone or through e-mail. If you are interested in creating a dynamic partnership with someone who can help you reach your short and long term wellness goals, this program is for you.

When Melissa is not at the Fire Fighters Health & Wellness Center she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons as well as digital photography, practicing yoga and taking walks.

Melissa is a member of the National Nurse’s Association as well as the Florida Nurse’s Association.




It is recommended that women over 40 get annual mammograms as their first defense in detecting breast cancer. The Benefits Fund has arranged for Jupiter Medical Center to offer mammograms to our participants via their Wellness in Motion Mobile Mammogram Bus! For women over 40 years of age, no prescription is required.


Jupiter Medical Center's Wellness in Motion invites you to their Mammography Day, which is scheduled from 8am - 5pm on:


August 28, 2014

September 18, 2014


The bus will be located at our office:

Palm Beach County Firefighters Employee Benefits Fund Clinic

7240 7th Place North

West Palm Beach, FL 33411. 


Wellness in Motion mobile unit will be parked in the front parking lot for the event.  There is no cost to participants of the Fund and the entire process, registration and exam, takes about 30 minutes.


Appointments must be scheduled in advance by calling 561-263-4636.






New Computed Tomography (CT)

Placed In Service

On Friday, February 28, 2014, The Health & Wellness Center's brand new GE 64 slice CT scanner went operational. All of the staff was excited as the first patients were being scanned on GE's latest platform offering some of the lowest doses of radiation with the highest speeds for scanning. The technology advancements available today are just absolutely amazing. For anyone who had a full body scan in the past, you can compare upwards of 20 millisieverts of radiation and about 30 minutes on the scanner then, to approximately 4 millisieverts today accomplished in approximately 2 minutes. It takes more time to get you situated on the table than the actual scan. And, as far as image quality, there is absolutely no comparison. When speaking to the radiologist shortly after he received the first images, he was stunned by the image quality we were sending him.

  The Center has the ability to scan with or without contrast, oral and IV. This scanners specialized feature includes special bone, cardiac and neurological, and vessel studies. And as with all imagining modalities at the Health & Wellness Center all studies are read by Board certified Radiologist that specializes in the particular modality and subspecialty.

  The CT will be operational from 8am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday. For now we are trying to schedule full body scan patients, which include a carotid Ultra Sound in the afternoons when the clinic is less busy. Cardiac scans and other contrasted studies will be handled on an as needed basis.

  We do not have records from the previous vendor of the body scans, and therefore we do not know when your previous scan was done. Please continue to stand by the recommendation that you not have a full body scan more than once in any 5 year period.

  We will accept outside orders for CT scans, but as with outside lab orders we would like to have a copy of the order from the prescribing physician at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  When making an appointment for any CT make sure we have your correct email as we will email you instructions so that you may properly prepare for your particular scan.

  Call the appointment desk @ 561-969-6663 or email them at


Health & Wellness Center

Pharmacy Contact Information


The PBC FF's Health & Wellness Center Pharmacy now has its own email and phone number. Any questions about prescriptions or prescription refill requests should go through one of these methods.

Also I would like to introduce Chrystal Estremera our pharmacy tech; many of you know Chrystal from the front desk where she was helping out until the pharmacy became a reality.

Please feel free to contact Chrystal about anything pharmacy related.

Pharmacy Direct Line 561-337-3353

Pharmacy Email - 




What's New at Benefits Fund
Health & Wellness Center First Wednesday Each Month
Please be advised that the Health & Wellness Center will be closed for Training, equipment upgrades, staff meetings and various other items the 1st Wednesday of every month from 3pm – 6pm.  The clinic will reopen at 6pm and remain open until the normal 8pm closing time.  This monthly closing will begin on April 2nd. Read More...
Unscheduled Health & Wellness Center Visits
Unscheduled Health & Wellness Center Visits    One of the main goals of the Board of Trustees of the Employee Benefits Fund when they opened the Health & Wellness Center was to provide our people with a better medical experience. That goal is a never ending work in progress. Read More...
Prescription Medication Notice
Prescription Medication Notice In preparation for handling a majority of your prescription medication needs through the Health & Wellness Center, if you chose to have your medications dispensed here please read the following information………. Read More...
New Premium Rates for 2014
 To View 2014 Rates click here.....  2014 Medical Plan  2014 Dental Plan  2014 Summary of Benefits and Coverage To All Plan Participants, The Board of Trustees had their annual Plan Document meeting last month. Read More...
Flu/Shingles Shots
A limited supply of Flu Vaccines are still available, adult & children, once they are gone, they are gone, we are unable to get any more supplies as manufactures make a limited supply of the vaccines each year. Read More...


If you are currently expecting a new baby in your life don’t forget about the Benefits Fund Cord Blood harvesting and cryogenic storage program.  For only $100 out of your pocket you can protect your newborn from numerous health issue’s.  The Fund will pick up the balance of the cost for harvesting the stem cells and storing them for 18 years…….. It’s well worth the small investment on your part.

Call the Fund office to get a brochure and contact information for the Stem Cell Cryobank  located at the Bethesda Health City on Hagen Ranch Road in Boynton Beach.

We will also cover your future storage fees if you had your child's cord blood stored with another vendor prior to the Fund implementing the program in January 2011, call the Fund office for more details.


UMR.COM Access 

We hope that you have had an opportunity to experience the enhanced services on and will find that the new features increase the productivity of your day-to-day benefit-related tasks.

Please remember to use your new login information to access

Click here for a flyer that you can use as a reminder to set up your new access to

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